Friday, 2 October 2009

London Design Week Top Five : Ubiquity and Obscurity.

Our final two Design Week picks are closely related - and to be honest, one wasn't even officially a part of the festivities. But it was probably the most inspiring thing that we saw all week, so we couldn't resist dropping it in.

It's this chair from two colombia road, about which we know...nothing. According to the proprietor, it's probably Danish, and definitely mid-century. But he had never seen it before, and it's certainly new to us.

The simplicity of the design, the generosity of the proportions and the harmony of the materials are impossible to fault. It's that rare thing - an unknown design classic, by a mystery designer. Anyone out there know who made it (and where we can buy a set)? We'd love to know.

In contrast, there's no question who our next choice was designed by. It was impossible to miss this beautiful settle designed by Ilse Crawford, part of her Seating for Eating range with De La Espada. We actually managed to run into it three times in the space of two hours on our tour of the East End - but we like it so much, we could have seen it again and again without getting bored. A very clever fusion of Shaker simplicity with Ercol inspired modernity, this is a piece of furniture that will stand the test of time.


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