Sunday, 25 October 2009

Pop Up Noodles

Things seem to be popping up more and more nowadays, don't they? we've only just got used to the concept of the 'pop up shop' and now it seems that 'pop up restaurants' are all the rage.
We're looking forward to the day that someone actually designs a restaurant where all the tables and chairs fold away and the rest of the fittings are telescopic, taking the 'pop up' concept to its logical conclusion.
Even though that hasn't happened yet, one of the most interesting things about pop ups is that the temporary nature of the structures can bring out some very inspiring design solutions.
Take 'noodles' on Dean Street for example. It isn't quite open yet, and is only sticking around for a couple of months, but design wise it definitely looks promising, in a 'chic wood shed' sort of way.

We love the light bulb installation and the use of wooden typography is particularly intriguing. Let's hope that when it becomes a permanent space, as a branch of Rosa's Cafe, it retains some of its current DIY charm.
'noodles' will be opening soon at 48 Dean St, W1, until Christmas


  1. Hi - we were lucky to be invited to the launch, same great Rosa's food - in an amazing ephemeral setting! Try it before it disappears!

  2. Thanks for writing about us on your blog. We loved the chic wood shed comment. The next time you walk by please pop in to say hi.

  3. We have put up some more pictures here