Sunday, 27 November 2011

Shiver Me Timbers !


Earlier this year The Curious Eye paid a visit to Conrwall , we stayed with our dear friends the Johnstone-Clarkes' (see last year post on their fabulous house) Being fellow junk enthusiasts the trip included some visits of second hand and junk shops, but nothing prepared us for this gem, as Sue nonchalantley proposed a visit to some crazy place a little futher up the coast. The day was as can only be expected from an early summers one in the UK, rather grimm with a chilly breeze and the wet mizzle that seems to personify Cornwall was blowing in from the sea. After a few wrong turns and and rather fruitless visit to a midweek car boot sale we drew up out side 'Shiver Me Timbers' . Well fellow enthusiasts you can see why we hesitated and procastinated before posting this treasure, the simple fact is we weren't sure we wanted to share it. It is however a long drive from the grimey streets of London so if you're prepared to hit the road you're welcome to visit. 





The whole place has a rather bizarre atmosphere, a mix of the usual architectural salvedge like old fire places, banister rails and the suchlike, then a selection of oddities that look like they come from stage or film sets, and even stranger some constructions seem to suggest at one point the place was a kind of home made pirate theme park !




This hoard of pirated treasures can be located at Long Rock , just a stones throw  down the coast from Penzance.