Monday, 10 January 2011

Flag It !


I bought this collection of cardboard flags at the 'grande bradderie de Lille' in September. I was seduced by their curious pop art aesthetic, they are mini pop tableaux in the tradition of warhols' tins of soup and brillo pad boxes. As a little new years quiz see if you can name all 11 counties, to help you out the are all European or close neighbors (answers at the bottom of this post.











countries from top to bottom, UK, France, Turkey, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Austria,Greece, Ireland, Denmark

Friday, 7 January 2011

Tons of Tins


Our new roving reporter, Steve Sorrell, just sent us this delightful collection of receptacles. He tells us the story...

"It all started with a text message on a damp gloomy afternoon. A house clearance friend of ours was having a bit of a clear out and wondered if we would be interested in buying a few bits and pieces?


On past experience we knew that he'd have one or two interesting things so the following day we hot footed it over to his house. The first thing he produced was two rather large cardboard boxes of old tins; they looked promising, so we bought them without really bothering to inspect the contents. It wasn't until we arrived home and started to unpack them that we realised just how wonderful they all were.


Each one is a minor work of art. The type, the artwork and the colours are just beautiful. Who could resist the charms of Zig Zag polish or Boots chest and lung wafers? And as for Dilly Duckling cough pastilles, well...............


Steve and Edele's little collection of tin treasures will be available to purchase for your very own from this Thursday at Spitalfields Antique Market. Hurry! Before Dilly Duckling sells out!