Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Methods of Dance (a small collection of 80's electro vinyl)


I was having a bit of a clear out a few days ago when I came across a large hefty envelope, further investigation revealed a collection of early 80's electro albums and 12 inches. 
Yes this seems to be all that remains of my vast collection, the rest of which has just disappeared. The selection is pretty eclectic and obscure but would almost certainly be considered gold dust to any number of my Dalston hipster neighbours.
I thought I would share the art work . If you want to check out any of the tracks most of them can be dug up on youtube. The album above is a compilation including the likes of B.E.F, Devo, Heaven 17, Japan and Magazine. The back cover features a long and wordy sleeve note from Paul Morley.


Technodelic the 1981 album by Japanese hipsters Yellow Magic Orchestra.


'Looking for St Tropez' by the obscure belgian trio Telex.


This is so obscure I can't even remember anything about it . I think I probably only bought it for the cover, which used the incredibly desirable and oh so unobtainable for me at the time, Sony Walkman. (back cover below)



Riuichi Sakamoto previously member of YMO , then became famous for the music of the David Bowie film 'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence'


Sparks a 12 inch from their fabulous 1979 'album no.1 in Heaven'
this is actually made from yelow vinyl (see below)



and now for the rather large collection of Visage ephemera, here their 2nd album cover photographed by Helmut Newton dressed by Anthony Price and 'presentation' by Peter Saville. (below inside cover)



12 inch 'Mind of a Toy' (back cover below)



12 inch 'The Damned don't Cry' again Hemut Newton photography and Peter Saville design.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Tombées du Camion - Paris


I discovered this cute little boutique whilst visiting Paris at the end of the summer. It is tucked away in one of those wonderful arcades known in France as Passages (of course must be pronounced with thick French accent) One often comes on them completely by accident when wandering the Sentier area, where traditionally all the rag traders are based. This one is grandly called the 'Passage des Panoramas' and contains a selection of inviting french bistros old jewellery shops, and and odd selection of dealers in themes varying from art to military mementos.




This little gem of a store specialises in job lots of flea market ephemera, the kind of thing we would call dead-stock, and evidently the owners manage to source plenty of these small treasures as they have 3 shops in Paris, one of which can be found in that mecca of all flea markets the 'Marché de Puces de Clignancourt'







I found the displays especially pleasing like 3d collages creating repetitive patterns that would easily translate into superb textile designs. The name of this shop literally translates as 'Off the back of a lorry' I'm not sure if the meaning translates in the same way, but this is surely in one way or another 'Hot' merchandise !

Why not make a trip to visit them when you're next in Paris .

Tombées du Camion