Friday, 16 July 2010

Chez Johnstone-Clarke - Creative Chaos in Cornwall

Minimalists look away now!


As you probably have gathered, we at The Curious Eye like strange and interesting objects. We enjoy scouring our local flea markets and car boot sales for quirky finds and once we have amassed such treasures, we like to display them in exciting and unusual ways. We like to think that we're pretty good at it, too.


However, next to Sue Clarke and Mat Johnstone, we are rank amateurs.


Mat designs gardens and Sue is a highly regarded illustrator, and although they work in different fields, they both share a similar approach. Both use multiple layers of colour and texture in highly complex ways. Modern and traditional elements are fused together and strange juxtapositions are created, with the best possible results.


Which is exactly the same approach they have taken to decorating their home in Cornwall.


What's amazing about this place is that although it is absolutely crammed with stuff, it never feels cluttered or messy. Everything works together to make a harmonious whole, and there's no feeling of sensory overload.


I'm sure they decorated it keeping Nietzche's philosophy in mind and remembering that 'Out of Chaos comes order'.


Or they just moved everything around until it looked good.


Whatever they did, the incredible eclectic mix works, and just goes to prove - sometimes, more IS more.




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  1. Wow! Who are those people? Where are they from? How do they do it?
    I wish I could be like them, just like them, in fact I wish I could BE them.
    Oh, I am.
    Happy Birthday to my favorite blogging chum.