Friday, 2 July 2010

The Zuider Zee Museum


Last Monday on my way back from a beautiful wedding in the North of Holland, I visited this charming museum, a whole fishing village has been rebuilt on the banks of Europes' largest lake the Ijsselmeer. The lake was created in 1932 when an inland sea, the Zuiderzee, was closed by a 32 km dam, and the museum was conceived to preserve the culture and traditions of the local inhabitants.


Over the past few years the museum has started to commission contemporary dutch designers and their work is exhibited in selected houses in the village. Making a wonderful surprise when entering some of the houses and discovering a Studio Job stained glass or the retro/modern delft blue and white stencils of Hugo Kaagman (above and below)



Dotted around the village are traditionally dressed 'locals' going about their daily lives, making lunch, repairing fishing nets washing laundry, all adding to the feeling of stepping back in time .


I took these photos on my iphone hipstamatic app, which creates this delightful aged effect.

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