Saturday, 10 October 2009

Illustrated book of the week : A History of Machines


I have a set of six of these titles from ‘The New Illustrated Library of Science and Invention’. This one is a French edition, the rest are English and were once to be found in the library of St Mary’s School




They were designed by Erik Nitsche, who according to his wikipedia entry ‘was a pioneer in the design of books, annual reports, and other printed material that relied on meticulous attention to the details of page composition, the elegance of simple type presentation, and the juxtaposition of elements on a page. His hallmarks were impeccably clear design, brilliant colours, smart typography, and an adherence to particular geometric foundations.’




Which is apparent in the stylish pages of these school text books. We felt tha this one made a particularly good follow up to Kapoor’s cannon. There is a set of 12 of these inspiring titles on Ebay at the moment if anyone is interested. We will show more from our collection in the coming weeks

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