Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Venice Biennale 2009 : The Arsenale Location


Last week I was fortunate enough to spend an afternoon in Venice, the weather was glorious, the temperature just right, perfect in fact to visit the 53rd International Biennale of Art. I took the boat to the Gardini stop at the end of the line, but unfortunately that part of the exhibition was closed on Mondays. A kindly Italian lady informed me that the Arsenale would be open and guided me to the entrance, with the warning that I would have to walk 1.5km before arriving at the Italian pavilion.




This was my first visit to Venice’s Arsenale, and nothing prepared me for this spectacular location. The arsenale is the city's shipyard and is generally thought to date from the 12c, it covers a huge area of ancient brick warehouses and docks.



After the long walk down a narrow passage I finally arrived at the first of the warehouses. As I moved on from one space to another I began to feel an amazing synergy between many of the artworks and the incredible buildings. Parts of the buildings and landscapes were like works of art and some of the works of art seemed part of the aging architecture or gardens



more to follow !

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