Wednesday, 30 September 2009

London Design Week Top Five : SCUBA at Shelf


One of Curious Eyes' rituals is a Sunday jaunt. We start at the bottom of Kingsland Road, meander around Columbia Road, then head on down Brick Lane, taking a detour along Cheshire Street, usually ending up around Spitalfields.

Cheshire Street houses some of our favorite shops especially secondhand, sorry I mean Vintage clothes shops. There are also some great independents such as Labour and Wait, and Shelf.
This cute mini exhibition is being held during design week, at Shelf, a shop that loves a still life display as much as we do.


As part of this year's design festival, Shelf treated us to an exhibition of the mini paintings of 'Sandra and Crockett United Business of Art'. The story goes that Sandra Wang and Crockett Bodelson met, fell in love and moved into a pink truck, and that they now drive it around California stopping to make their tiny paintings as they go.



They use recycled materials as their 'canvas' and subjects that can roughly be described as urban folk imagery. Theirs is an imaginary world, showing anything from a mountain in a teacup, floating space vehicles, or bold geometric patterned fruit. Although they have exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Houston, Philadelphia, Barcelona and Tokyo, this is their first time showing in London.


Shelf, 40 Cheshire Street, London E2 6EH, Open Friday 1-6 Saturday 1-6 Sunday 11-6


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