Tuesday, 29 September 2009

London Design Week Top Five: miller goodman


You know that feeling that you have when you find the most fantastic kid's toy? The way that your brain immediately runs through its mental rolodex, desperately trying to think of someone 'age appropriate' to buy it for. So that you once you have given it to them, you can immediately steal it and play with it yourself?

That's exactly the feeling that miller goodman's wooden toys give us.

Like all great toys - they are as simple as can be. The ShapeMaker is a set of 25 wooden blocks that can be arranged or rearranged to make countless different faces. Or animals. Or birds. Or...well, check out this little video and you'll see what we mean.


Their new toy - Playshapes take the concept to a more free-form place. Wooden pieces of different sizes and shapes work together to allow creativity to blossom.


We're not sure what we like better, the fact that the possibilities are endless - or that everything created looks like something out of a mid-century modern illustration.


If they ever start manufacturing the jumbo size ones, we'll be first in line. Whether we know a kid who wants it or not.

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  1. We obtained a Shapemaker, although our kids have grown up. We find it better than any coffee table book as guests just pick it up and start to make all sorts of designs.