Thursday, 3 September 2009

Errol Pires and Strange Allure of the Camel Harness


A couple of weeks ago I was visiting the beautiful campus of the National institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Locally known as NID. When a man came rushing over to my guide and I, insisting that we visit his office. I have to say that I am very glad I took up his offer, the wonderfully cool air conditioned office, was unlike any office of a member of staff in a design institution, that I had ever seen before. It was more of a artists studio full of inspiring images, yarns and threads many of which were interlaced to create beautiful textiles.


The gentleman’s' name is Errol Pires and he is a faculty member at NID , he explained that he has been working on this special technique of braiding yarn which is known as split ply-split braiding, for about 25 years. The skill is mainly used by the camel traders of Rajasthan, from whom Errol learnt the craft. He has however turned it into an artistic pursuit, and as these photos show used it to create many a beautiful textile !



For more examples of Errols' work check out