Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Lapin & Me - A Particular Taste


Here at The Curious Eye, we're very fussy. We don't like people with too much good taste (as they're generally rather boring). We don't like people with too much bad taste (because vulgarity only goes so far). What we like most is finding people who have particular taste.


Which is why we were very happy to discover Lapin & Me, just off Colombia Rd in Ezra Street. The minute you walk in, you can see that someone with very distinctive style has created the space. In theory it's a kids shop - but I have a strong feeling that there will be just as many adults who appreciate the merchandise as their children. 


The whole space feels like a tribute to sixties graphics, french retro style and a touch of japanese kookiness. One corner displays Little Golden Books, another homes a wild selection of vintage dolls, and there are toys and clothes that manage to be cute without being cloying. Somehow it manages to be both quirky and chic at the same time - quite an accomplishment.


How appropriate that the owner is called Madeleine - a name that takes me back to Bagpuss and childhood dreams of magical toys. Lapin & Me is highly recommended for the next time your inner child needs a treat. 


Lapin & Me , 14 Ezra Street, E2 7RH  www.lapin&me.co.uk

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