Saturday, 29 August 2009

Play and Display

Before you ask - no, this isn't a junk shop. It's my bedroom.


You see, it's not enough for me to simply appreciate strange and wonderful objects. Or to photograph them. Or to blog about them. The fact is - I really like buying them too, so I seem to accumulate an enormous amounts of peculiar things, that have no practical function whatsoever.

What's my excuse? That they'll make a lovely display.

There's nothing we at The Curious Eye like more than a good display. We can spend hours tweaking and fiddling. Juxtaposing and experimenting. Should the wooden toy go two inches to the right? Should the bud vase move forward a little? Getting it right is like a visual game of Sudoku - everything has to add up just right.

This particular display - consisting of Dutch glove moulds, a 19th century French mannequin, some American railroad lamps  and an old theatre spotlight, has just had a new addition. Fifteen postcards from the ever reliable Norman at the Dalston Waste.  As far as I can tell, these cards were given away with "Sluis" birdseed as a promotional tool in the 1960's. The artist is identified only by the mysterious initials 'RS'. 


They're not quite Charley Harper, or Audubon - but there's a simplicity and lightness of touch to them that I find very pleasing. I'm happy to let them perch in my room for a while and add a little inspiration.


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