Sunday, 23 August 2009

Work In Progress


Here are some of my ladies, I have just spent three days with them in a village about 4 hrs north of Ahmedabad. This piece of fabric is going to become a quilt ! It is covered with examples of their traditional stitches. They are very pleased because they say it shows all their traditional skills, and hopefully if we manage to get orders for their work it will bring them some much needed cash.

The design was inspired by the work of Kocuben, (you can see her at the end of this video) when I first came here back in March, I asked her to show me all the different stitches she knew how to do. When they I showed the small sample to a friend back home she commented that it was a design in itself. Hence upon my return a few weeks ago we set about producing this design. We will make placemats, napkins, cushion covers and this quilt the embroidery for which will take 6 or so women a week to embroider, it will then lined and stitched all through with running stitches! Products available early next year. Watch this space !

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