Monday, 24 August 2009

40's Denim - Unparalleled Style

What better way to start the week than with some really outstanding vintage gear?


This amazing '40s jacket comes from one of my all-time favorite vintage clothing dealers, Ragtop. I've been waiting for months to do a long in-depth feature on their goods. But I couldn't resist showing this star item as a little sneak preview. 

There's nothing conventional about this bit of workwear. It has pleating that falls from the yoke (something you would now more normally find in women's clothing), the collar is asymmetric, and the placement of the pocket is strange, to say the least. Despite (or perhaps, because of) this, it's a truly special piece - and the fact that it has no label or markings makes it all the more interesting.  


We may not know where it comes from, but there's no doubt that the original owner, in whatever small town in America he lived in, had a heck of a lot of style.

Ragtop can be found at Spitalfields Antique Market on Thursdays and Broadway Market on Saturdays


  1. What a beauty ! So did you buy it ?

  2. Tragically, it was already sold...But I will always have the memories...