Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Storefront for Art and Architecture


I've always loved things that transform. Folding chairs that turn into stepladders, bags that magically become picnic blankets. Tables that double in size with the turn of a hinge. Anything that pivots, folds or concertinas makes me as excited as a kid seeing a rabbit pulled out of a conjurer's hat. 

So I was thrilled to find The Storefront for Art and Architecture open in all its glory in the Manhattan sunshine a few days ago 

I must have walked past the space a hundred times but I've never seen it open before. It's always been one of those intriguing New York mysteries that promises hidden treasures - It doesn't disappoint. 

Open since 1982, its present incarnation has been around since '93 when artist Vito Acconci and architect Steven Holl worked together on the facade. Twelve panels are fully articulated and can pivot vertically and horizontally to suit the interior installation. It's not only versatile, it looks fantastic too - simple geometric planes that interact in a way that would make Le Corbusier proud.





The Storefront for Art and Architecture is at 97 Kenmare Street New York, NY 10012

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