Friday, 10 April 2009

Easter - Joy, Pain and Chocolate


We've already seen how inspiring Fortnum and Mason's Easter eggs are - but, as it's Good Friday, we thought it was time to look at their chocolate animals.

The detailing on them is, of course, exquisite. But what is strange is that the animals seem to be in radically different moods. The bunny is in hysterics, while the bear seems to have missed his daily anti-depressant. It's all a little bi-polar for my liking (and of course, as he's rendered in white chocolate, that would make him a bi-polar Polar Bear).

Maybe it's appropriate for the Easter story. Eat the Bear today in a sombre and contemplative way (to commemorate the crucifixion), and then celebrate the resurrection on Sunday with the Bunny of Joy. 

Yes, I'm sure that's it...

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