Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Ahmedabad Adventure : Romeo and Juliet


Meet Romeo and Juliet, or so they're known as they are never seen apart! They are quilt makers, Pakistani of origin but living in Ahmedabad for many years. I went to their house last week to look at their work, and I was blown away. I was told that he was good but I couldn't imagine how good. These quilts take 6 months to make, and are created alongside the orders that they have for more simple ones. These ones are their own,that they sell from time to time when they have a visit from someone like me. Of course I have bought a few pieces. I was especially lucky to be taken to meet them. Their son and daughter are marrying next week and they said the money would help out with the wedding.






There were so many amazing quilts that I'm splitting them into 2 posts, part 2 will follow soon!

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