Sunday, 26 April 2009

Good Baby Infant Learning Wall Maps

As you probably know by now, there are certain things that we at The Curious Eye really like. For example, we like exciting colour combinations. We like things that are unexpectedly aesthetic. We like things that are educational. And we really like a bargain.


Imagine my delight then, when I came across these excitingly coloured, aesthetically pleasing, educational bargains in a dollar store in Brooklyn. These Good Baby Infants Learning Wall Maps are made in Korea, and if you have a good baby infant of your own, I highly recommend them.

Not only are they fantastic to look at and touch (the 3-D effect is particularly exciting), they're also full of fascinating facts and observations.

For example:


I had never realised that 'Pear looks like baby' - but, now that it's been brought to my attention, I can totally see it. 



The leopard has got wonderful vein - thank you for pointing that out Good Baby Infant Learning Map!


Best of all is the insect one - it's practically pop art.  Amazing.

Any child growing up with these on their wall is guaranteed to grow up with a highly quirky and vibrant aesthetic (and a full understanding of the insect world).  All for a buck - that's what I call a good investment in a child's future.


  1. Josh - these Korean wall maps might look good but their spelling and grammar is pants!

    For example, "A cicada makes aloud (sic) high-pitched noise" and "Monkey likes eat peach". No wonder they were being sold off cheaply!

  2. Now Clive, what would James Joyce think about your comment?

    Clearly the language on the maps was written by a team of Korean poets, paying tribute to the Irish literary master.

    Its musicality is sure to add a whole new dimension to a childs understanding of language...

  3. Very nice post, impressive. Its quite different from other posts. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Infants start learning when they are only 3 months old. This sounds strange but they have knowledge about things going around and relate to people they see every day. Not only they are able to differentiate who is who but also have the skills to start reading and writing. Yes, your munchkin is learning something every moment.
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