Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Curtains Beautiful


I started writing this post with the sentence:
"I've always loved Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture and furniture" - and then I realised what a redundant statement that was. Of course I love Lloyd-Wright, everyone loves Lloyd-Wright. Without him, our whole understanding of design and decoration would be completely different. It's like saying you love Einstein's theories, or Shakespeare's plays - a no-brainer.

I had no idea that along with revolutionising architecture, designing classic furniture, and basically redefining our whole concept of modern interiors, Lloyd-Wright also designed textiles. I came across these amazing curtains of his at Mark McDonald in Hudson. Designed in the mid-fifties for F.Schumacher, they're like a textile version of his stained glass windows, and incredibly chic. Possibly the ultimate modernist curtains - it's amazing that they've never been re-issued.

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  1. OK I am coming out on your blog and sure to be lashed. I confess I do not like Frank Lloyd Wright and I do not like Shakespeare.

    I think LW was not that great, in that, he did not listen to the needs of his clients. I am sure there are quite a few really excellent architects who could do wonders if they just ignored the purpose of the building they are designing and the feelings of those around them. (how about a concert hall with lousy acoustics fore example) As for the Bard... everyone thinks I don't get it . No I just don't get them. Hamlet could have done with a "keep calm and carry on" poster, now Sipowicz and Dexter those are characters.

    I think I feel better now - thanks