Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Spring Cleaning Is Just Around The Corner


It's been almost two months since we started this blog,  and I think it's fair to say that our original aim - 'To inspire, amuse, amaze and confuse' - has been largely successful.

But we at The Curious Eye are never happy to rest on our laurels, and it's time to stretch our limits and expand our horizons. From now on we will also strive to inform and aid you in your everyday life. More stylish than Martha Stewart and sexier than Nigella - how can you resist?

We felt that this excellent pamphlet from the thirties offered some essential and useful material that we had to pass on to you.




Isn't it easy when you know how? You need never have dirty egg spoons, beauty-impairing meals or poor taste in clothing again.

We also thought that these might come in handy:



See? It's hard to imagine how you ever survived without us, isn't it?

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