Friday, 13 March 2009

Egg Cups Of Excellence


I am not really a morning person. On most days it takes a large cup of Monmouth coffee and a decent breakfast before I even qualify as a human being. But even in my primordial morning state, I think it's important to keep things aesthetically pleasing. Which is why having a soft boiled egg in one of these egg cups is the perfect way to begin the day. 

We started collecting wooden egg cups figures a few years ago and now we have a small army of them- about six Noddies, three Big Ears, some swiss maids, a few young men in lederhosen and even a couple of baby chicks. Each one is hand painted, so they're like miniature sculptures that you can eat your breakfast out of. Best of all, you can match your egg cup to your mood

If you are feeling jaunty you can use this one:


Despite the pink hair, this fellow is a little more serious:


And for Sundays and religious holidays, this is the perfect egg eating solution:


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