Monday, 16 March 2009

Flights Of Fancy


Like most big cities, London can be sublime or ridiculous. Some areas have an unsurpassable elegance, and others are so grim they become almost physically oppressive.

Vauxhall definitely falls into the last category. Much of it is so grey and industrial that even on a sunny day it feels like you could be sucked into a brutal vortex of grit and grime.

Which is why it's such a joy to come across these origami pigeons suspended under one of the railway bridges. As the trucks and buses drive past they flutter and spin in the cross breeze, much like the real thing.

Whoever put them up has taken a lot of trouble - the bridge is about 18 feet high - so hanging them must have been no mean feat. Well worth the effort, as they transform a harsh environment into something quite poetic.

As one of my old friends used to say, it just goes to prove that even in the darkest of gutters you can find the shiniest of gems.


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