Saturday, 14 March 2009

Ermenonville by Elisabeth Toll

It's fair to say that we at The Curious Eye are magazine junkies. 

There isn't a room in our place that isn't filled with magazines - they have overflowed from our shelves, down our staircase, through our bathroom - some stacks are so large, they're almost makeshift furniture. One year we created a six foot christmas tree out of piles of them. Suffice to say, if it's glossy and full of photographs and text - we're buying it.

Which is why, amongst the surfeit of images that get thrown at us every day, it takes something very special for us to sit up and take notice.

This fashion story in 'Bon' Magazine completely captivated us. It's photographed by Elisabeth Toll and styled by Yoko Miyake. In it, the light, the scenery, the model and the clothing all work together to make something magical. 

Truly one of the best fashion stories that we've seen for a very long time - and a reminder to all of us that fashion magazines can be more than just a way of selling products. Once in a while they can show us great photography, beautiful imagery and something really inspiring.


See more of Elisabeth Toll's beautiful work at

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