Saturday, 1 May 2010

Stella Blunt - Colour Me Beautiful


It's amazing to me that after over a year of blogging we still haven't featured our old mate Stella Blunt. A shocking oversight!


Regular readers of The Curious Eye will know that there's nothing we like more than people with taste. It may not be exactly the same taste that we have, but that doesn't matter - if we walk into a place and it expresses a singular point of view, it immediately piques our interest.


Stella certainly has a particular taste, and very interesting it is too. Extremely feminine, without ever becoming frilly; modern but not hard-edged; charming but never cloying - it's a fine balancing act that she achieves brilliantly.


The other marvellous thing about the lovely Ms Blunt is that she's something of a bellwether for future trends. She moved into her home near Columbia Rd when it was still an obscure East End market. She opened her shop in Broadway Market just before it became the ultimate nexus of all things hip in London. She's always one step ahead of the rest of us.


So, it's always stimulating to see what Stella is selling in her shop. And right now it's all about colour.. Painted vintage furniture, objects from the 40's, 50's and 60's, even the shop walls - they're all singing with saturated hues.


It's a very unusual palate, and I'm finding it hard to describe. Deep Citruses? A More Muted Miami? However you look at it, all that rich colour is inspiring. And, knowing Stella, will probably end up filtering through to the mainstream in a few years time.


Always worth a visit - Stella's shop can be found at 75 Broadway Market E8 4PH

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