Friday, 21 May 2010

Getting to the Point

And the collections begat collections...


I was in Paris a few weeks ago, and came across this classic needlepoint picture of a salty sea tar. How do I know that it's a classic? Well, because about five years ago, I bought exactly the same image as a needlepoint cushion in a flea market in New York.


This was a perfect addition to my bearded men collection (remember this?) - or so I thought.

However, the longer I spent in Paris (and then later in Brussels) - the more I noticed exciting examples of needlepoint, and came to realize how fantastic and underutilised they are. The use of colour and texture combined with the graphic quality can look very stylish, without any of the fusty echoes of 'handicrafts'. Best of all, they're so out of fashion, you can pick them up at flea markets for next to nothing.


So - now there's a new collection in town - and I'm aiming to fill a full wall of the studio entrance with needlepoint.


Wish me luck!

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