Friday, 23 April 2010



There was quite a bit of consternation earlier this year when Bates the Hatter closed their doors. One of the classic Jermyn Street gentleman's establishments, Bates was
a shop that seemed completely displaced in time. Throughout the narrow interior, dark wood shelves were crammed with every sort of old school chapeau, from Panama to Homberg via Boater and Fedora. This was the sort of perfect Victorian interior only ever seen in Dickensian adaptations and slavishly retro bars in Brooklyn.


Sadly, it's another victim of 'regeneration' (ugh). The shop has been shuttered, and the business has moved into a shared premises with Hilditch and Key. But fear not, decor fans! I'm glad to report that most of the shop fittings have found a very good home.


They've been salvaged and re-used by our old friend Nathaniel at M.Goldstein, who is happily displaying his wares from them in his shop in Hackney Road. As far as hauls go, this must be one of the all time greats. Not only was Bates legendary, but the fittings sit so perfectly in the space that they almost look made to measure. A few of the salvaged pieces are for sale, and I'm desperately racking my brains for an excuse to buy the awning for the studio - if only I could think of a canny way to re-purpose it for interior use.


As if the furniture wasn't amazing enough, some of the shelves' interiors have great bits of ephemera attached, adding extra flavour.


Always nice to have royal approval...

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