Wednesday, 21 April 2010


I just thought I'd throw in a few detail shots of the set ups in the studio at the moment. Unpacking all my stuff and rearranging it has thrown up some interesting juxtapositions.


So, we have a D-Torso cardboard cat (a gift from my mother - thanks Ma!), on two stacked Ercol coffee tables, next to some vintage knitting magazines found at Norman's stall in Dalston.


A set of 1950's sci-fi classics found on the Suffolk Coast slotted into a 1930's American shop fitting brought over from Chicago.


I particularly like the interesting colour mixes of these - army green and turquoise, violet blue and baby pink - very inspiring!


And finally, a fast growing collection of wooden clamps, a Sussex church pew, a miniature wooden bench and an Art Deco Rug.

Putting it together is like having a giant junk jigsaw which needs a bit of thought before it all fits together nicely. It's a game of mix and match that is going to keep me amused for many years to come.


  1. oooh jealous, jealouser, jealousest ,, but so happy for you