Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Say It With Flowers

Here at The Curious Eye, we are usually attracted to the unusual and the obscure. If something is strange or quirky or characterful, we will give it the ultimate compliment and declare it 'bloggable'.

However, today we're talking about something quite commonplace - a decorative touch that nearly everyone has used in their homes at some point. Quite simply, I'm feeling very inspired by cut flowers.


I was very lucky to receive some real beauties in the last few weeks, some stunning gladioli and a gorgeous combination of hydrangea and delphinium, and it's hard to express how much time I've spent gazing at them. There is nothing about them that doesn't fascinate me. The elegance of their forms, the subtlety and strength of their colouring, the way they constantly change as time passes.


Interestingly I think what excites me the most is how they make me appreciate the daylight. The translucence and saturation of the petals makes me hyper-aware of how the light is hitting them and the effect of the different phases of the day, almost like super aesthetic light meters. They can go from being as dark and moody as a Rothko to as vibrant as a stained glass window, just by responding to the changes in the weather.


It's certainly true that the simplest things can be the most beautiful. Flowers may not be our most esoteric subject, but they are definitely one of the most inspiring. With stems like these, flower power will never go out of style,

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