Thursday, 30 July 2009

Give More Ink


Another discovery from Paris, hidden away behind the Bastille I stumbled across the Lazy Dog Gallery. The roads that cross between rue de Charonne and rue de la Roquette are a veritable beehive of creative boutiques and galleries. When I lived in Paris in the early 90s' Objectif Lune,on the rue de Roquette was one of my haunts, and I noted that it is still there but it was a little to early for an aperitif ! The Lazy Dog Gallery specializes in art and graphic design.


This exhibition on until the end of August, presents the work of Swiss outfit Lowrider, they are expert screen printers based in Freiburg, the company,which is apparently famous across Europe for it's screen prints and a line of t shirts, was started by Serge Nidegger who is also an accomplished illustrator. Inspired by street and skate culture, his hand drawn typos resemble the works of old time street sign painters.


The exhibition title comes from the mantra they have in their studio, referring to the raw material used to create these sassy work of art.


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