Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Born on the Streets - Fondation Cartier, Paris


Paris' Fondation Cartier is renowned for it's exciting contemporary art exhibits, and this new one comes in 3 parts. Firstly on the street, outside walls have been set up for 'local' graffiti artists to make their own contribution, as those shown here were doing during my visit last week. Then, inside on the ground floor and outside in the garden, space is given to contemporary artists working with the ethos of graffiti. Finally, the enormous basement is given over to a retrospective of American graffiti, from the early seventies onwards . For me that part was the most intriguing, perhaps partly because it felt like a trip down memory lane with early Eighties video clips like Blondies' Rapture and Malcolm McLarens' Buffalo Girls, and interviews with the earliest of Manhattans' graffiti artists. Definitely a must see if you're in Paris before 29th November.








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