Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Illustrated book of the week - The School Prints


We at The Curious Eye love a bit of nostalgia, a fact that most of our regular readers will have spotted by now. So the content of this weeks Illustrated book of the week will come as no surprise.
I discovered the book appropriately in Margret Howell who always has a wonderful selection of books ripe with mid-century nostalgia. The book traces the output of a company called School Prints Ltd set up in the 1930's with the aim of 'bringing art to children who' by virtue of their background, would be unlikely to visit rather grand awe-inspiring galleries.' This high minded project has provided us with a collection of heart-warming prints that take us back to school days with memories of half pint milk bottles, nature tables and singing hymns in assembly. I can almost smell the mashed potatoes and steamed sponge pudding!




The School Prints - A Romantic Project, written and published by Ruth Artmonsky, tells the human story behind this publishing house, the book and selected prints from a stash of originals are available from The School Prints

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