Monday, 8 June 2009

Chelseas' plastic garden


There was a bit of a scandal at the Chelsea Flower Show this year ! Someone had dared to present a garden with not a single sign of organic growth in the whole lot. Judges feathers were ruffled, other exhibitors protested, but the general public seamed quite fascinated.


The garden was created as part of a documentary series about the history of toys presented by James May . It was in fact entirely modeled from Plasticine, and turned out to be a massive group effort, with contributors including, school children, Chelsea pensioners, housewives, and of course the odd professional model maker like those from Wallace and Gromit creators and Teletubbies design team.





The garden was so well made and all its' details so fascinating that it was of course a wild success, and put a smile on all but the staunchest of Chelsea's' fuddy duddy faces.


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