Thursday, 14 May 2009

Speaking about Bespoke- Clara Vuletich


'Bespoke' is one of my favorite words. I fantasise about having suits made for me at Saville Row, shoes created on personalised lasts, and shirts hand tailored by Milanese craftsmen. I dream of having furniture crafted by artisans especially with me in mind, enjoying every meal from hand-made porcelain, sleeping on linens embellished by lace commissioned from ancient Belgian nuns. Really - is that too much to ask?

Perhaps I can start gently with the work of our friend Clara Vuletich. Trained as a textile designer, Clara has turned her skills to making bespoke wallpaper. Every piece of work is site-specific and designed with the owner's need in mind. She's been known to create whole walls of delicate decoupaged florals, or to block print directly onto surfaces to make areas entirely unique.

We particularly liked her new 'Bauhaus' inspired work that she's showing at The Papered Parlour in Clapham. The combination of angular modernist precision with a more random hand-crafted feel is extremely pleasing. Great to see someone take a historical style and update it with their own personal take.

More of Clara's work can be found at

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