Saturday, 23 May 2009

Big Knitting

We at The Curious Eye have always been big fans of knitting. And having discovered these extra-extra-large needles, we're now big fans of Big Knitting. A hefty 120cm long, they're mostly used as visual aids to help teach basic techniques, but we think that they offer some very exciting possibilities for creativity.


You could create massively outsized mohair jumpers, for an exaggerated punk/goth look, or create enormous cable-knit socks that could work as sleeping bags, or knit together lengths of rope or cable to create exciting textural furnishing fabrics.

Best of all - the very act of knitting with them is enormously physical and great upper body exercise. You could knit yourself a natty workout outfit, whilst actually giving yourself a great work out. 

Maybe knits-ercise could be the next big thing - all we need to do is combine it with a spinning class that allows you to actually spin wool and we're in business...

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