Sunday, 22 February 2009

Spring Is Just Around The Corner II - The Reader's Digest Complete Library of the Garden

The Easter eggs in our last post have got us in a very vernal state of mind. Suddenly we're feeling all flowery and pastel-ly, so we thought we would continue the theme with our latest 'Illustrated Book of the Week'. 


It's the Reader's Digest Complete Library of the Garden, published in 1963. The perfect books to peruse over a home-made flapjack while wearing a Laura Ashley smock. 

Even without opening them, it's clear that the books are lovely objects. A three volume set, presented in a fern printed box. Each cover made of light wood veneer, with beautifully embossed endpapers. 

The illustrations might not be the most groundbreaking (it is a Reader's Digest product after all), but the charming pastel colourings used throughout give them a particular dash of sixties style.


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