Friday, 5 August 2011


As devoted readers of this blog will know, if there's one place in London that regularly inspires us at The Curious Eye, it's Spitalfield's Antique Market. For a unique mixture of eccentric junk, unlikely treasures and interesting characters, it just can't be beat.

Are you one of those unfortunate people who cannot make it to the market every week- perhaps through misplaced priorities (work commitments, demanding small children, lack of geographic proximity, etc)?

If so - do not fear. All is not lost. The magic of the internet can provide you with a soupcon of the Spitalfields experience - as an increasing number of the traders at the market have their own blogs.

'Little' Jo Waterhouse is an excellent example. An unashamed lover of decorative junk of the finest sort (and sometimes of the crudest sort), her blog celebrates her fancies in a thoroughly charming and engaging way. From strange festivals in sheds to peculiar characters she comes across - "Toot as in Foot" chronicles them all. We particularly enjoyed seeing her extensive collection of Constance Spry style vases, and were rather jealous of them.


Jo also gets full marks for living on a narrowboat while sporting the surname 'Waterhouse'. Well played, young lady.

Another envy inducing blog comes from the ever excellent David White - whose business 'Ragtop Vintage', is probably the best place in London to source antique American menswear. His blog of the same name is full of inspiring pictures of people looking cooler than you ever will, wearing clothes you can only dream of. Interspersed with this celebration of American style are some great shots of Dave's star finds. A very hard blog to look at without wanting to throw all your existing clothes away and wear only classic US workwear from now on.


If the allure of 1950's Americana is not your thing - perhaps we can interest you in a more idyllic, throughly British lifestyle? If you buy something from Andrews of Arcadia, you're not just buying some vintage fishing gear, you're buying a quiet morning by a dawn lit river or a calm moment of contemplation deep in our great countryside. The blog itself reflects everything that is good and proper in this nation of ours. Makes us want to eat a Ploughman's lunch just looking at it.


Barry 7 - (No relation to Joe 90, apparently) - is a scholar and a gentleman, who manages to find objects that are interesting, confusing, bemusing - or ideally all three. His tumblr feed, "Seven's Yard" shows a good selection of the strange and wonderful things he regularly comes across.


And finally - talking about strange and wonderful - our dear friend Stephen Sorrell indulges his absurdist streak on a regular basis as the founder,publisher, editor, copywriter, cub photographer and tea lady of "The Bognor Bugle". A man of excellent taste, profound knowledge, good character and great wisdom, Steve displays absolutely none of these qualities on his blog, which takes whimsy to a whole new level. Recommended for when you just want to read something really silly (and see the odd bit of fabulous junk, when he pulls himself together).


Spitalfields Antiques Market runs every Thursday from 10am - 4pm

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