Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Down on Jollity Farm...

Our South coast Correspondent writes...


"A recent find at my local carboot were these delighful 1950s lead painted figures by Britains Ltd. To some they might look like a load of chipped old toys only fit for the bin, but to me and my hopeless romantic imagination they conjure up all sorts of things....


Rural England between the wars (Kent or maybe Suffolk?), the poetry of Betjeman, the early films of Powell and Pressburger (A Canterbury Tale perhaps?) and the artwork of Ravillious and Bawden.


I also wonder how todays younger generation would react if these were in their Christmas stocking, or given as a birthday gift instead of the latest games console or smart phone. I think we already know the answer to that!"


Words and images by 'The Pride of Bognor' - S & E Sorrell.


  1. I think my youngest girl would be enthralled and relate to the innate character and personality of each piece she somehow has a sense of time and place. My older would not get it, there is so little reference left. Strange though in South Africa when I was 6 there was a strage flat above the butcher that I knew dramatic and somehow Italian - looking back the railings were very Ponti - where do those distant references come from?

  2. Nice job i regularly view your blog and find it quite interesting.. keep up the good work and all the best.