Monday, 6 September 2010

Eyes on the Pies


There are certain things that are so self-evident, it hardly seems worth talking about them.

The sun is hot. Water is wet. Enamel pans are lovely things. All of these things are pretty obvious to me.

After all, what's not to love about enamel pans? They're classic pieces of design, incredibly hard wearing and practical, and add a charming burst of colour to any kitchen.


I've lost count of the number of times that I've used the phrase 'enamel pan colours' to describe a certain mid-century palette. Those milky tones that are so much more vibrant than pastels, but which still have a classic English feel to them. Blues, creams, minty greens - these are the sort of colours that make me want to pop on my slippers, warm up some milk for my Ovaltine and settle down with some A A Milne.

Which is why I was confused (yet thrilled) to come across these amazing enamel pie dishes in a completely new set of enamel pan colours. Chocolate, avocado and tangerine? Sacrilege!


Yet strangely alluring...One of the most exciting colour ranges I've seen in a long time. And also handy for co-ordinating pies. Which makes me wonder - what would chocolate, avocado or tangerine pies actually taste like?

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