Monday, 25 January 2010

Blackboard Beasts


Paris always provides lush hunting ground for street art, this weekends visit to Maison et Object was no exception, I spotted these ephemeral chalk creatures in the achingly trendy 'haut marais' habitat of paris' Dalston/Hoxton crowd. The whole quarter has been rapidly overtaken by cool galleries and quirky boutiques. Those of you whose fashion memories go back to the 80's, will spot this shopfront was home to no other that Le Garage shirts whos' bold printed shirts were a must have to any fashion student circa 1988


These intricate fauna are signed Phillipe Baudelocque, and his website provides a more detailed view of his oeuvre. Which we're sure all you Curious Eyes will love !
Phillip Baudelocque


  1. Dalston/Hoxton as the Marais? Dalston is a shithole and Hoxton is full of twats, the Marais is neither.

    Apart from that, spot on!