Monday, 19 January 2009

The Return Of The Tweed


Tweed is definitely due a massive comeback next winter..

At the moment, the streets of East London are populated with young men who look either like:

a) Extras from Brideshead Revisited. 
b) Heroes from a '50s Boy"s Own adventure  or 
c) Geography teachers circa 1962. 

Tortoise-shell glasses, classic barber-shop haircuts and chunky hand knits are de rigeur in Dalston. Even cravats have made a comeback. 

Tweed fits in with these trends perfectly. Being practical and rugged enough to mix with workwear, yet traditional enough to wear with a tie, it's the natural next step for every potential fop, geek or dashing hero.


This 60's Pierre Cardin jacket is a little more on the formal side of things, but it's a particularly nice example. I love the way that the window-pane checks are worked into the cloth. With one check that graduates from red through to blue, and another that goes from white to black, it can be worn with a whole range of colours and textures. 

Now all I need is a pipe...

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