Thursday, 11 November 2010

El Soumaie : Akmem Hand Made Cloths


Anwar Ayed Ghobran doesn't know exactly how long his family has been weaving on these looms, a least as far back as his grandfather, but I would guess many generations before that. I spotted a loom through an open doorway after we visited has ramshakled fabric shop, of course I couldn't resist a tour.








Based in the Nile side town of Akhmen in Upper Egypt, about 250 km north of Luxor, this technique of weave has obviously remained the same since the mists of time. I'm no weave expert but the amazing way of storing the warp on these enormous bobbins is something I have never seen before.


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Objets n' Art - Chez Sorrell


Have you ever wondered what would happen if an antiques dealer with artistic leanings married an artist with a penchant for collecting? And they moved to the seaside?


Well, gentle reader, wonder no more.


Regular visitors of this blog will be familiar with the names of Steve and Edele Sorrell as being one of our favorite vendors at Spitalfields Market. Their stall is always guaranteed to be filled with delightful objects, always displayed in a most creative fashion, just waiting to be taken home for a modest fee.


Which is why I was very excited to receive an invitation to visit their home in the charming seaside town of Felpham. To say the least, I was not disappointed.


'Eclectic' is a horribly overused word nowadays, but there really is no other way to describe the Sorrell's taste. Minimalist art sits next to ornate Victoriana, strict Modernist forms live happily next to groovy sixties dolls.


It's a thoroughly personal mix - but one that never looks overwrought or affected.


For me, the star attractions were the two art pieces by Bob and Roberta Smith - a perfect combination of all the things that the Sorrell's love. These pieces take found objects, hand made signs, and a quirky sense of humour and elevate them to a higher level.


With Edele's training as an artist and Steve's love of old things working together, this is as much an artistic installation as a home. It's like a gallery that you can live in - with the art and objects ever changing and evolving. A thoroughly stimulating and inspiring place to visit.